Monday, June 17, 2013

JMusical Digital Audio Player

JMusical has finally made its first debut on public.

JMusical is a digital audio player for a newbie or a leisured audio user.

This application is designed for Windows (7 and 8) platforms.

JMusical is a free software and there are no malicious codes and commercial ads in this application.

I create and code JMusical because I want to do somethings useful in 2013 summer break. I didn't want to waste my precious time on playing game too much.  In other word, I was using half of my free time to create a digital audio application that can actually benefit to my friends and the society. Meanwhile, i could learn something from this project. I think that a big deal for me.

Anyways, please feel free to drop down any discovered bug(s) from this application, so i can fix it up on next version.

JMusical Specification:

  • Drag and add a song/or multiple songs with the combination of pressing shift and mouse.
  • Add a song or multiple songs with a "+" File Dialog
  • Delete a song or multiple songs with a checked box and a "-" button
  • Click and play a song
  • Support popular formats like .mp3 and .wma
  • Universal Audio filters (Go Tool and Click Add Codec Filters). After that you can play any songs without corruption.

Thank you for the support.

Download JMusical Version 1.0 .zip folder [27 MB]